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Focus your team on sourcing and selling produce. Reduce the administrative burden and support them with actionable information.


  • Combines 18 years produce industry experience with the latest Cloud technologies.
  • Use snapSales from anywhere, on your phone, tablet or PC with no need for in-house servers.
  • Full support for apple and pear industry standards - from the same team that wrote many of those standards.
  • Integrate with NZ Customs, MPI and shipping lines without 3rd party software.
  • Dashboards provide key insight into the current season and comparison against historical performance.
  • Impress your customers with your ability to search your inventory and drill through from containers to pallets, to product lines, and so on ... full traceability!

Efficient and accurate

  • Import EDI files in seconds.
  • Prepare default shipping documents with one click.
  • Need to adjust your sale costs? No problem. Sale costs remain linked to their source allowing you to update all sales in seconds.
  • Invoices can be coded to the product they relate to - variety, pack, storage type, packer, customer, destination, and many other attributes. Compare your actual costs against expectations using those same attributes.


  • Pay your suppliers based on Pooled returns, Sale-by-sale returns or Fixed prices.
  • snapSales can be customised to suit your needs - from customer specific EDI files to reports and financial integration, we can help.
  • The snapSales service is billed monthly – no capital investment required.