Forecasting Mapping Harvesting Trapping Spraying Equipment Staff

From forecasting to harvest our suite of integrated tools support New Zealand growers managing their business and delivering quality produce for optimal returns.


  • Combines 18 years industry experience with the latest Web technologies. Use snapGrowing from anywhere, on your phone, tablet or PC.
  • Create crop and financial forecasts building upon your planting information, fruit counts and size profiles.
  • Draw your own professional maps including boundaries, productions sites, trap locations, planting statistics, and more for registrations and IVA compliance.
  • Timesheet entry, coded to your plantings and activities, includes piece rates (bin/tree) and breaks. Export to your existing payroll software.
  • Record staff qualifications and monitor expiry dates and upcoming renewals.
  • Print harvest bin labels and build packhouse submissions right in the orchard - including capturing picker details for payroll.
  • Spray instructions and spray diary records help you manage chemical stocks and compliance. Records can be submitted directed to your AsureQuality spray diary for PCR clearance.
  • Trap log records track cumulative findings, triggers required threshold sprays, and highlights when cap and base changes are required.
  • Equipment records allow your to track you major assets, registrations, certifications, mileage and hour readings, service logs and photos.
  • Calendar style diary enables you to record events for compliance record keeping and add future reminders.


  • snapGrowing can be customised to suit your needs - from custom reports to financial integration, we can help.
  • The snapGrowing service is billed monthly – no capital investment required.